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Semen Volumizer #2 L-Arginine HCL

Are you familiar with L-Arginine? It’s an extremely important amino acid for sex. That’s because l-arginine converts into nitric oxide, the molecule that causes erections. In fact, scientifically speaking, higher nitric oxide levels could help you produce impressively hard erections, on-demand, no matter your age. But that’s just the beginning. New research shows that l-arginine also promotes the production of semen. But not all l-arginine is created equal. Some forms don’t absorb well into your system, making them virtually useless. That’s why we selected a high-quality “HCL” form of l-arginine. Because studies show HCL absorbs better than standard. This way you’re getting a potent dose of this erection-enhancing, semen-volumizing amino acid so you could enjoy mind-blowing sex. An arginine study found that this amino acid could boost semen production by 35%.